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Atlanta's New Place to Be...

Parkway South provides an opportunity for developers, corporations, or investors to purchase, develop, and or locate on part of 2500 acres located along South Fulton Parkway, a major thoroughfare connected to Atlanta's major interstates and the largest airport in the world: Hartsfield-Jackson International. Over 2,000 acres within Parkway South are part of an Opportunity Zone within Union City and allow for Job Tax Credits of up to $3,500.00 per job created for five years. The land in Parkway South has a current zoning designation of "Town Center Mixed-Use" allowing for smart, mixed-use development in density ratios that promote progressive growth, an increased tax base and protection of vital greenspace and conservation areas.

Parkway South will be a walkable, live-work-shop-play community that supports a lifestyle composed of a sensible mix of uses with an unusually large amount of open space in parks, bike and walking paths, and public plazas. This plan represents a model of growth aimed to protect the environment and create economic value through the design of real estate.

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