A Concept to Develop
  Atlanta's New
            Place to Be

Parkway South integrates
"Live-Work-Shop-Play" activities into a cohesive, active community, thus increasing Value and providing Opportunity in a Sustainable
productive environment.

Parkway South is a walkable, live-work-play-shop community that supports a lifestyle composed of a sensible mix of residential, retail, commercial, office and industrial, with more than 400 acres to be preserved as green space, parks, and public plazas. This plan represents a model of growth aimed to protect the environment, enhance the quality of life, and create economic value through design, development, and management of real estate. In addition, the South Fulton area should experience a dramatic increase in property values as a result of this economic development.

Parkway South creates a sense of culture and place out of a relic of another time by building communities and triggering an economic rebirth for the South Metro Atlanta area.

Our focus is on the innovative development of:

  • True mixed-use communities, including educational, cultural, youth-oriented institutional and governmental institutions.
  • Enhanced infrastructure, providing enhanced pedestrian and vehicular connectivity, new public parks and green space.
  • Transportation alternatives, providing local, national, and international connections.

Building a Community

  • Mixed-Use Zoning
  • Job tax credits
  • Biking, Walking, Jogging Paths
  • True, 24-Hour Community

Sustainable Development (click to learn more, pdf)

Parkway South brings services and activities
with a broad focus for people and business

Non-stop to the World